Rules and Regulations

Wote TTI is a proud to announce that they have a modern library with enough material for learning and research. The library is managed by competent staffs that are trained on how to manage resource for effective utilization by staff, student and external researcher who use the library. The library has an in-house cyber that is only used for research purpose (all computers are connected to fast internet connectivity).

1.1       Opening hours

Monday 8:00am-9:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am-9:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am-9:00pm
Thursday 8:00am-9:00pm
Friday 8:00am-9:00pm
Saturday 8:30am-1:00pm
Sunday & Public Holidays Closed 

1.2       Registration

Persons who wish to use the Library must be registered as members. All persons registered as Library members are required to abide by these regulations. The Librarian may suspend from use of the library any person breaking these Regulations.

 1.3       Identification of Library Users

Library Users will be required to identify themselves as follows:

(a) Students – Students Identification Cards.

(b) Staff – Institute Staff Identity Cards.

1.4       Clearance

Clearance of Library Users from using the Library shall be based upon payment of overdue fines or lost materials.

1.5    Rqeservation of seats or tables by Library Users is not allowed.

 1.6   Discipline

  1. Order and silence shall be maintained in the Library.
  2. Marking, mutilation and defacing of Library materials is prohibited.
  3. Mobile phones shall be switched off in the Library or put on silent mode or vibration.
  4. Foods and drinks are prohibited in the Library.
  5. Shelving of Library materials is prohibited. Materials shall be left on the reading tables or the lower slot of the shelves.
  6. Re-arranging of Library seats and tables by users is prohibited.
  7. Oversized jackets, headgears, scarves, headphones (earphones) are prohibited in the -Library.
  8. Personal text books are barred from the Library.
  9. Borrowed materials from the Library will not be allowed in the Library unless the material is being returned for discharge
  10. Sleeping in the Library is prohibited.
  11. Borrowed materials and any other items leaving the Library shall be checked at the exit by the Security Staff.

1.7       Penalties/ Fines

  1. Lost print materials shall be charged; the current cost of the material
  2. For lost materials that are out of print, charges shall remain the same in the current market value.
  3. Library users shall not damage information materials by defacing, marking, plucking off pages or cutting pieces of information or photographs. A penalty equivalent to twice the cost of repair or replacement of the item shall be levied on the user concerned.
  4. Users with Overdue books shall be charged an overdue fine of Ksh 10 per day.
  5. A fine of Ksh 10 will be charged for every extra day on reserved /short loan books.
  6. Books which are over-due for over three months shall be considered lost and 40% of the current market value of the item shall be paid by the user and the item received by the Library staff.

1.9      Borrowing/ loaning

  1. Students are allowed to borrow three (3) copies for a week.
  2. Members of Staff are allowed to borrow eight (8) copies of books for a period of one term.
  3. Reference materials shall be used within the Library.
  4. Periodicals such as journals and Daily and weekly Newspapers shall be used within the Library. 

NB A book can be recalled or withdrawn from long loan and placed on short loan/reservation depending on demand.

1.10       Luggage Bay

  1. All bags shall be left in the Luggage Bay.
  2. Incase luggage bay tag is lost or damaged a replacement charge of Ksh 500 shall apply.
  3. Personal valuables e.g. electronics, shopping, clothing etc. are not allowed in the luggage bay.

1.11    Copyright

The Library Management shall adhere to copyright law in Kenya when photocopying information for Library Users.