Our History

Wote Technical Training Institute was started as a skills training centre by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) in 1990.  Its initial training programs were short-term skills upgrading courses to Youth Polytechnic instructors and Jua Kali artisans.  The Institute was then called Wote Skills Training Centre.

 Between 1990 and 1993 VSO constructed a large building complex housing two training workshops, stores, offices and four small rooms which were used as hostels. In 1993 the European Economic Community (E.E.C) funding was discontinued and this led to the withdrawal of VSO from the centre. It was then handed over to the Kenya government which seconded it to the Ministry of Research, Technical Training and Technology (MRTTT).

MRTTT placed the centre under the youth support program and started preparing it to become a technical training institute to offer long term training programs in line with other technical institutes in the country.

In order to prepare the centre to offer the new training programs, the government started sending trained and qualified teachers in 1993.  Training of the long term courses started in 1994 when the first Kenya Accounting Technician Certificate (KATC) intermediate course was introduced.   In 1996 Motor Vehicle Mechanics artisan course was introduced.

Between 1993 and 1996 DANIDA, an NGO working under Micro and Small Infrastructure Program (MSIP) supported the centre to run the short-term courses and then soon afterwards introduced the long-term courses.

The process of registering the institute was started in 1997 and on 1/3/1999, the centre was registered as a Technical Training Institute under the certificate of registration No MRT/PC/301/99 and its name was changed to Wote Technical Training Institute. In the year 2002 the institute through the Kenyan Government received a grant from JAICA and constructed 2 hostel with capacity of 96 students each and a tuition blokes with 4 lecture rooms. From the year 1997 to 2009 the Institute together with other 3 were placed under the ministry of labour and no funding was forthcoming from the Government for development. In the year 2010 the Institute was placed under the Ministry of higher Education Science and Technology.

With the enactment of TVET Act 2013, the Institute was registered under the act and adopted the name Wote technical training college. As at July 2021 the Institute had a total of 18 Diploma courses, 18 Craft courses, 6 Artisan courses, accounting professional courses(Certified Public Accountant & Accounting Technician Diploma), 20 skills upgrading courses (short courses) and 8 CBET courses.

WOTE TTI is managed by a Board of Governors appointed by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education as stipulated by the TVET Act (January, 2013) and is run on a day-to-day basis by a Principal.


The institute is located 3 kilometers from Wote town in Makueni County along the Wote-Makindu road. It is situated between Makueni Girls and the Ministry of public works offices on the slopes, of a scenic hill, overlooking Wote town. Phenomenal infrastructural development has taken place due to support by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (State department of science and devolution), the B.O.G, teachers and non-teaching staff have enabled the following to be achieved within a short time.

  • Face lifting of the main block and staff houses;
  • Renovation of hostels;
  • Acquisition of substantial tuition materials and office equipment;
  • Underground water tank;
  • Automotive Engineering workshop
  • The simultaneous construction of electrical/electronic engineering complex;
  • Construction of stimulus project ESPII Complex for ICT & Computer Labs/Library/ Building & Civil workshops


To be a technical training Centre of excellence in business and technology for all sectors of the economy.


To provide quality training for the production of self-driven craftsmen, business and technical labor for the local and international market.


The mandate of Wote Technical Training Institute is to train, impart skills, knowledge and institutionalize effective research and development geared towards production of competent graduates who will contribute to high and sustainable socio-economic development.

Core Value

Our training programmes are governed by a set of core values which constitute the desired organizational culture.

The values to be upheld are as outlined below; –

  • Commitment to duty and responsibility – We willingly and competently discharge our duties and responsibilities.
  • Teamwork – we embrace teamwork and collaborate with all stakeholders in the provision of quality training.
  • Professionalism – We adhere to the code of regulations and ethics so as to discharge our duties competently and skillfully.
  • Ethics and integrity – Honesty, accountability and transparency are our guiding principles.
  • Respect for Human Rights – we are committed to upholding the universal charter for human rights.
  • Respect for the law of the land – we are committed to respecting the rule of law in all our undertakings.
  • Respect for the institutes rules and regulations – As a community we are governed by the institutes’ rules and regulations that enable us to achieve the best working environment.
  • Courtesy – we shall strive to be courteous to all people at all times
  • Social Responsibility – we believe that it is quite in order to give something back as a token of appreciation for the support the community has accorded us.
  • Cleanliness and Environment-In order to achieve a healthy life and a conductive learning environment, we are committed to upholding high levels of hygiene and cleanliness within our surroundings.
  • Gender Sensitivity-We accord equal opportunities to both sexes.
  • Concern for the physically challenged-We are committed to providing training to all learners including those with special needs.



Wote Technical Training Institute has been in the forefront in the development of technology and thus our Institute motto ‘Excellence in Science, Innovation & Technology’

We have tried our best to objectively re-align our core functions to our objectives so that we become an integral part of the whole nation in realization of the presidential “Big Four” initiatives and Vision 2030.

For us to be nationally and internationally competitive, it was inevitable to review our strategic plan in order to place ourselves strategically in the global market.

Our Vision; “To be a technical training Centre of excellence in business and technology for all sectors of the economy” is our driving force to spur skills into economic competitiveness and as one of our pillars in the realization of Vision 2030.

In recognition of the important role that the Institute plays in our country, we have set out our strategic plan with the aim of providing quality training for the production of self-driven craftsmen, business and technical labor for the local and international market.

It is our commitment to utilize funds from Institute fees, Income generating unit, Government grants and development partners, to enable the Institute improve the infrastructure and development of human capacity that will lead to realization of our objectives.

Currently the Institute has diversified the courses to include Business Studies, CBET courses, Applied Science and Hospitality courses. The Institute is managed by a Board of Governors and the Government provides trainers in the various fields of study.

It has been noted that the expected growth in students’ enrolment at WOTE TTI, and with regard to the national/global trends in education, research and technology the founders’ vision has not been fully realized.

Finally, it is our ambition that Wote Technical Training Institute becomes a National Polytechnic in the near future.

Joshua K. Munywoki

Principal/Secretary, BOG





Wote Technical Training Institute was established with the aim of providing knowledge and skills to the people of Makueni County and beyond. In line with the government’s requirement that the management of all public institutions be governed through strategic plans, the Board of Governors decided to develop a strategic plan in line with MOE guidelines and Makueni County Integrated Development Plan as a road map in the achievement of Vision 2030 and beyond

The process of coming up with the strategic plan has been participatory, commencing from the various departments. Coming up with the document is one step, but for effective implementation the commitment of all interested parties is required.

Resources are also required in the implementation and we appreciate the framework that the Government has put in place to ensure Kenya realizes Vision 2030. The Institute shall take advantage of the renewed interest that the Government has in Technical and Vocational Education. During the implementation process, monitoring and evaluation shall go hand in hand so that we keep our goals in sight.

I appreciate the work done by the Institute community in the strategic planning exercise and wish them success during the implementation stage. I also assure them of the BOG’s full support.

Prof.Joseph Munyoki Mwinzi

Chairman, Board of Governors


Wote  Technical Training Institute is a corruption free zone.