About the Department

The rising need for information communication technology and Cyber security in the country and the world at large prompted Wote Technical Training Institute to create a department, which will solely deal with training ICT.

Besides being an admitting Department, it also extends her services to the entire Institute on ICT integration, research and support.

The Department prepares candidates for Diploma in Information Communication Technology, Craft Certificate in Information Technology, Diploma &; Certificate in Information Science (Library ) for KNEC, DCNSA & VCICS for KASNEB and also cuts across other departments on areas of ICT.

The Diploma Courses is divided into 3 modules. Only on completion of all the 3 modules does one receive a Diploma in Information communication Technology certification.

The Certificate Courses is divided into 2 modules. The students graduate with a certificate in Information Communication Technology  or Information Science after the completion of the 2 Modules. Those who successfully complete the Certificate Course, join the Diploma Level at Module 2.

These courses provide students with a basis for further progression to the Universities. Students who attain Distinction and credit passes at Diploma level are absorbed into the Universities at Second Year Level.

The Department has 6 state-of- art Labs equipped with modern computers.

The Department encourages students to join WOTE TTI ICT at the department because there are:-

  • Excellent Pass rates in National Examinations
  • Qualified, experienced and committed lecturers
  • Attention to individual students needs
  • State- of- Art I.T. facilities, smartboards and internet available to ICT students
  • Good linkage to industries


Our mandate is to promote acquisition of knowledge and skills empowerment for poverty eradication and employment creation and realization of vision 2030 through innovation. Specifically the section will:

  • Conduct and organize research activities relating to information communication and technology.
  • Impact knowledge and skills relating to ICT
  • Regularly evaluate trainees in the department
  • Present candidates for final evaluation by KNEC and KASNEB


To be a center of excellence in training, research and innovation in ICT issues in the region.


To provide training and promote innovation in ICT.

Courses offered.

The courses offered in the department are:-

  • Diploma in Information and communication technology (Module1,2 & 3) – KNEC
  • Diploma in Information Science (Library), Module 1,2 & 3 – KNEC
  • Craft Certificate in Information Technology (Module 1 & 2) – KNEC.
  • Certificate in Information Science (Library), Module 1 & 3 – KNEC
  • International Computer Driving License/ International Computer Digital Literacy (On-Line course) – ICDL
  • Computer System Applications Proficiency – WoTTI
  • Computer Maintenance, Repairs and Support – WoTTI
  • Networking Essentials & Proficiency – WoTTI
  • Web Design & Development – WoTTI
  • Diploma in computer networks and systems administration, 3 Semesters – KASNEB
  • Vocational certificate in information and cyber security, 2 Semesters – KASNEB


1 Diploma in Information and communication technology (DICT 1) KCSE C- (C Minus) Modules 1 (1 Year) KNEC
2 Diploma in Information and communication technology (DICT 2) Pass in Modules1 Modules 2 (6 Months) KNEC
3 Diploma in Information and communication technology (DICT 3) Pass in Modules2 Modules 3 (6 Months) KNEC
4 Craft Certificate in Information Technology (CCIT 1) KCSE D (D plain) Modules 1 (1 Year) KNEC
5 Craft Certificate in Information Technology (CCIT 2) Pass in Modules1 Modules 2 (6 Months) KNEC
6 Diploma in Information Science(Library) – Module 1,2&3 KCSE C- (C Minus)  (3 Year) KNEC
7 Certificate in  Information Science(Library)- Module 1&2 KCSE D (D plain) (2 Year) KNEC
8 International Computer Digital Literacy (ICDL) OPEN 3 Months ICDL
9 Computer System Applications Proficiency (CSAP) KCSE/KCPE 3 Months WOTTI
10 Computer Maintenance, Repairs and Support (CMRS) KCSE D+ (D plus) 2 Months WOTTI
11 Networking Essentials & Proficiency KCSE 2 Months WOTTI
12 Diploma in computer networks and systems administration KCSE C- (C Minus)/IGCSE Grade D/CAMS 3 Semesters KASNEB
13 Vocational certificate in information and cyber security KCSE 2 Semesters KASNEB


Cyber specialist, Instructor / Tutor / ICT Teacher, Programmer, ICT Manager, ICT Clerks, Website Designer, Computer Technician, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Data base Administrator, Information resource manager, System Analyst, ICT integration technologist, Software Developer, ICT Project Manager, Cyber security specialist, Konza City ICT Personnel among others

Head of ICT

Carolyn Matuli

Carolyn matuli HOD ICT

Carolyn Matuli HOD ICT

For any inquiries please contact the HOD Information Communication Technology through the email: /

N/B: Successful completion of the craft certificate in IT (Module1 & 2) leads to automatic entry into Module 2 Diploma in ICT.

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