Industrial attachment is one of the key components of TVET programme. It serves as a link between what the trainee is taught in class and what goes on in the actual world of work. It also gives opportunities for staff to keep abreast with the dynamic technological trends outside their routine work environment thus leading to improved service delivery.
We are fully committed to the implementation of the industrial attachment policy in compliance with National Industrial Attachment Scheme.
Wote Technical Training Institute is indebted to various sectors of industry that have been supportive in this endeavour by absorbing our trainees and staff for attachment despite the large number of those seeking for the same opportunities.
All courses require students to be attached in the relevant Companies, Organizations or Firms for period of (3) months. The Department assists the trainees to get attachment places by providing them with Attachment Sourcing Letters.

General Objectives.
By the end of the Industrial attachment period, the trainee should be able to:
• Understand the constraints of working life and functional relationships within and between organizations
• Appreciate the importance of human relations and work attitudes
• Develop procedural knowledge towards work processes
• Apply theoretical concepts and school based skills to practice
• Develop work attitudes like curiosity, self-confidence, maturity and self reliance
• Obtain knowledge of potential careers and develop new areas of interest


Headed By:

Fredrick Muasya
Industrial liaison officer