Mission Vision & Core Values

Vision and Mission  



Core Values

Our training programmes are governed by a set of core values which constitute the desired organizational culture.

The values to be upheld are as outlined below; -

Commitment to duty and responsibility – We willingly and competently discharge our duties and responsibilities.

Teamwork – we embrace teamwork and collaborate with all stakeholders in the provision of quality training.

Professionalism – We adhere to the code of regulations and ethics so as to discharge our duties competently and skillfully.

Ethics and integrity – Honesty, accountability and transparency are our guiding principles.

Respect for Human Rights – we are committed to upholding the universal charter for human rights.

Respect for the law of the land – we are committed to respecting the rule of law in all our undertakings.

Respect for the institutes rules and regulations – As a community we are governed by the institutes’ rules and regulations that enable us to achieve the best working environment.

Courtesy – we shall strive to be courteous to all people at all times

Social Responsibility – we believe that it is quite in order to give something back as a token of appreciation for the support the community has accorded us.

Cleanliness and Environment

In order to achieve a healthy life and a conductive learning environment, we are committed to upholding high levels of hygiene and cleanliness within our surroundings.

Gender Sensitivity

We accord equal opportunities to both sexes.

Concern for the physically challenged

We are committed to providing training to all learners including those with special needs.


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