WOTE Technical Training Institute is ICDL Accredited Centre in lower Eastern.

JOSEPH M. NGEMU, ICDL Coordinator/Quality Assurance

What is ICDL?

The International Computer Digital Literacy (ICDL) Formerly International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is an accredited standard of competence for computer users. It certifies that the holder has knowledge of key concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and is able to competently use a personal computer and common computer applications. ICDL is an internationally recognised certificate that is based on a common syllabus. It assures the employer that job applicants and staff have the necessary level of knowledge and competence to use common computer applications, and it allows individuals to demonstrate that they possess an important set of skills and knowledge

ICDL Certification

The objectives of ICDL certification include the following:

  • To promote and encourage computer literacy for all
  • To raise, for all citizens, the level of knowledge about ICT and the level of competence in using computers, devices, and common computer applications
  • To ensure all ICT users understand best practices and the advantages of using computers and devices
  • To increase the productivity of all employees who need to use computers and devices in their work
  • To enable better returns from investment in ICT
  • To provide a qualification which will allow all people, regardless of their background, to be part of the Information Society

Completion of ICDL certification is an objective measure of ICT skills and demonstrates an individual’s competency to existing and potential employers. Individuals who complete the certification can gain confidence and motivation through their ability to understand and use technology productively.

ICDL Programme Overview

The ICDL Base modules are recommended fundamental skills which are essential ICT skills for everyday life (i.e Covers knowledge and skills that are considered essential for learners) The Base modules are:

• Computer Essentials

• Online Essentials

• Word Processing

• Spreadsheets

ICDL Standard modules complement our range of Base modules. They will enable you to develop your skills in knowledge areas that are appropriate for your everyday life, or for your job role (i.e offer learners a choice of modules that can be tailored to meet individual or work needs). The Standard modules are:

• Presentation

• Online Collaboration

• IT Security

• Using Databases

• Project Planning

ICDL Advanced modules are designed for those who have successfully reached ICDL Base / Standard skills levels and wish to further enhance their computer proficiency. The ICDL Advanced modules give Candidates the opportunity to become expert in the use of these applications, acquiring skills sets over and above the routine features of the software (i.e show that the learner has achieved a high level of user expertise in certain applications)

ICDL Advanced covers the following modules:

• Advanced Word Processing

• Advanced Spreadsheets

• Advanced Database

• Advanced Presentation

The ICDL Profile Certificate is awarded when a candidate passes any mix of modules. It provides the flexibility for an organization or individual to create a customized ICDL profile.

Benefits of ICDL are that it provides the skills and knowledge to:

  1. Increase overall efficiency and productivity
  2. Increase employees confidence and job satisfaction
  3. Significantly enhance internal and external communication within an organisation
  4. Achieve specific goals and objectives more effectively
  5. Ensure unnecessary administrative burdens are reduced or eliminated
  6. Eliminate unnecessary waste of time and money
  7. Access E-shopping, E-banking, Online government services, news, information, entertainment
  8. Connect with virtual communities of like-minded people through, for example, web browsing, email, or blogs
  9. Interact using online technologies, for example, Instant Messaging, webcams, Internet telephony, or online education and entertainment.
  10. Communicate with friends and family

Once a candidate registers to start the ICDL certification process they will be assigned a candidate registration number. The candidate’s progress will be tracked as they complete modules. The learner can choose from a range of modules to create their own individual ICDL profile.

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